• Capacity Difference Explanation

    Display capacity≠nominal capacity.

    2022-02-18 11:09:53 mele 527

  • Installing Linux on windows using wsl2

    WSL (Windows subsystem for Linux): a subsystem of the windows system on which the Linux operating system can be installed and run. (for example, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Kali, Debian, etc.) It allows develop

    2022-12-07 09:36:11 mele 502

  • Windows can't be activated?

    Windows will be activated automatically when MeLE Mini PC connected to the internet. When you fail to activate Windows automatically, you can do as below:

    2021-06-30 15:01:07 mele 2169

  • How to reinstall windows?

    Step 1, Prepare a USB flash disk with NTFS file system.Step 2, Download the latest windows image from MeLE forum and decompression the .zip.Step 3...

    2023-06-27 16:55:49 mele 10234

  • How to install Ubuntu20.04 LTS on Mini PC?

    Step 1, If can't booting from Ubuntu bootable disk, please change BIOS Setting to allow booting from Ubuntu bootable disk.

    2023-08-15 09:32:25 mele 7130

  • What to do if WiFi does not work in Ubuntu?

    1.Check if WiFi is available in Windows. 2.If WiFi is Realtek 8821CE,make the WiFi working it is necessary to install an additional driver for the RTL8821CE module provided by Ubuntu’s‘rtl8821ce-dkms’package.

    2021-06-29 20:12:14 mele 1372

  • How to connect your Mini PC?

    Step 1, Connect Mini PC to the TV or monitor with the HDMI cable, turn on your TV or monitor, and select the correct “Video Input source” of the TV or monitor. Step 2...

    2021-06-29 19:07:34 mele 1697

  • The first time to enter into Windows desktop.

    There are some necessary settings for Mini PC before enter into Windows desktop at the first time we power on the Mini PC.

    2021-06-29 19:10:13 mele 1896

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