Reinstall Microsoft Windows 

Need to reinstall your PC's operating system?

Please download from link:Windows10 Pro Image

This is for MeLE Quieter3\Quieter2\Quieter HD\PCG02 GLK\PCG02 GLE\PCG35 HD\PCG35 GLK\PCG35 GML\PCG02 Pro\PCG02 APL\PCG02 APO

Please download from link:Windows11 Pro Image

This is for MeLE Quieter3\Quieter2\Quieter HD\PCG02 GLK\PCG02 GLE\PCG02 Pro\PCG35 HD\PCG35 GLK\PCG35 GML 4GB+64GB or higher configuration only.

Use it to reinstall the version of windows that came with your PC...


How it works:Tutorial YouTube Video

1. Prepare a USB flash disk with NTFS file system.

2. Decompression the downloaded

3. Copy all the files in Win1X_Pro_XXX to the root the direction of your USB flash disk.

4. Plug the USB flash disk into Mini PC, and connect a keyboard.

5. Press the power button and press F7 or Delete continuously to enter into boot menu. Select your USB flash disk to re-install Windows OS. 

6. Mini PC will shutdown while the install process finished. Plug out the USB flash disk, then press power button to power on your Mini PC.

This installation method will completely delete personal files and APPs, please back up important files.

How to install the Windows version that came with your PC to the SSD?

        Tutorial YouTube Video