Windows can't be activated?

2021-06-30 15:01:07 mele 2140

MeLE Mini PC has preinstalled Windows 10 License(Special or customized exceptions.), can support Personalization, Windows Update and reinstall Windows repeatedly. Windows 10 License ID/Product Key sticker is available on the product. Windows will be activated automatically when MeLE Mini PC connected to the internet.


When you fail to activate Windows automatically, you can do as below:

Step 1,Connect to Internet.

Step 2, Enter into Settings->Time & Language ->Date & Time, turn on Set time automatically and turn on Set the time zone automatically, then click Sync now to synchronize your clock.

If the Windows still can't be activated after correct date and time, please restart your PC stick->Enter Settings->Update&Security->Activation->Troubleshoot to check whether the windows can be activated.

If the Windows still can't be activated, Please click here for help.In the message, indicate that you have followed the FAQ and attached the License ID/Product Key.