Schedule Shutdown and Schedule Startup on MiniPC

2020-06-01 14:57:22 Eric Morentin 658

1. Tool for Schedule Shutdown

Run Schedule_shutdown.cmd as administrator to create shutdown task.


Enter 0 to create a shutdown task. Then specify the schedule shutdown time. The time format is HH:mm(24 hour time). Example screenshots are list as below for your reference.

This tool only support to create daily shutdown task.

If you want to delete the shutdown task, please enter 1 after you run this tool.

If you want to show the current shutdown task, please enter 2 after you run this tool.



2. How to create Schedule Startup

Enter into BIOS Settings->Chipset->Common Function->S5 RTC Wake Settings. You can select Fixed Time or Dynamic Time . 

When select Fixed Time, System will startup automatically at the specified time HH:MM:SS.

When select Dynamic Time, System will startup automatically in XX minutes after you shutdown the device. The Dynamic Time only can be set to 1-5 minutes.