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How to install Ubuntu system

2016-05-25 16:44:15 Shenzhen MeLE

3.1. Firstly connect to TV set with HDMI cable, TV sets HDMI as input source;

USB disk with Ubuntu installation package plugin the Mini PC;

USB Mouse and USB keyboard are also connected to the Mini PC;

In order to speed up the process of the installing Ubuntu system, do not connect to the internet with LAN cable.

3.2. Power on the Mini PC, press the power button for about 2 seconds to Start up the Mini PC, the LED light turns from red to blue (if it is Mini PC box -- in the front panel, if it is the PC stick, at the larger side of the outermost shell) and we will see the BIOS Logo such as: V2.90


and press F7 key on keyboard continuously until we can see the picture below, and elect the USB with Ubuntu installation package (UEFI: KingstonDT Ult image G3 PMAP, Partition 1--contain Ubuntu installation package);


3.3. Then we will see below picture and select *Install Ubuntu and press “Enter” in Keyboard.


3.4. After showing a short time of this picture:


We will see Ubuntu logo shows as below:


3.5. Select the language:


3.6. Preparing to install Ubuntu (has at least 6.9GB available drive space) and press continue:


3.7. Installation type: if you had already installed the Ubuntu system or you wish change the windows system to Ubuntu system, you might see below selections:

3.7.1.Erase Ubuntu15.10 and install  Warning: this will delete all your Ubuntu 15.10 programs, photos, music, and any other files.

3.7.2. Install Ubuntu 15.10 alongside Window 10 ( you will have 2 Operating Systems:one for Win10 OS and one for Ubuntu system) Document, music, and other personal files will be kept. You can choose witch operating system you want each time the computer starts up.

3.7.3. Install Ubuntu 15.10 alongside Ubuntu15.10 ( you will have 2 Ubuntu systems) Document, music, and other personal files will be kept. You can choose witch operating system you want each time the computer starts up.

3.7.4. Erase disk and install Ubuntu (single Ubuntu system )  

         Warning: this will delete all your programs, documents, photos, music, and any other files in all operating systems.

3.7.5. Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security

3.7.6. Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation

3.7.7. Something else

We will select the 3.8.4., and press Install Now.



3.8. Select your location:


3.9. Keyboard layout:


3.10. Set up your name and password (if you dont want to input password, just select Log in automatically):

And then press Continue


3.11. Installing continues, until completed; at the end, press Restart Now.

When Seeing the below picture, you can click Restart Now.


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