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Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on MiniPC & PC Stick

2016-11-10 15:50:10 Shenzhen MeLE

1.Create a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS bootable USB flash disk.

Use a third-party tool to create a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS bootable USB flash disk, like UltraISO.

Step1.Run UltraISO on your PC.

Step2.Click File->Open to open the Ubuntu 16.04 LTS image.


Step3.Click Bootable-> Write Disk Image->Write to create a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS bootable USB flash disk.



2.Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

To save time of installing, please disconnect to internet before Ubuntu install.

Step1. Plug the Ubuntu bootable USB flash disk into MiniPC, connect a keyboard.

      Then connect the MiniPC to TV with HDMI cable.

Step2. Press the power button and press F7 or Delete continuously to enter into select boot device menu. Select your USB flash disk to install Ubuntu.


Step3. Select “OEM install(for manufacturers)” or “Install Ubuntu(for personal user )”to install Ubuntu.


You will get Ubuntu logo shows as below.


Select the language.


Preparing to install Ubuntu (has at least 6.9GB available drive space) and click Continue.


Select installation type and click Install Now.


Click Continue to confirm the changes to disk.